Culinary School
based in JHB
We are two sisters who love making, recreating and putting our own twist to different cuisines. For us, food is a love language. We cook to show our affection and to make others feel special. This love for cooking comes from generations of women in our family who have always loved to cook and entertain.

We chose the name Wooden Spoon as a nostalgic connotation to our granny’s Wooden Spoon Café that she ran in the 80’s in Johannesburg CBD. We have fond memories licking off the spoon of her bakes.  Hers, coupled with our mums love for food and entertaining is the driving force behind our love for cooking, baking and recreating old school favourites with a modern twist.

We hope to share with you the knowledge and experience that goes with tried and tested recipes. Our biggest aim is to make this task as easy as possible for you. We understand that in today’s fast paced lifestyle we all want cooking that is easy yet has as a wow factor. We hope to teach you the tricks to achieve this!
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